product sales content management tool

users: packaging distributor sales reps

problem: external distributor sales reps have multiple vendors to choose packaging products to sell from, and the product sales information available to them is widespread, outdated and hard-to-locate when they need it

goal: arm external sales reps with easily accessible content to ultimately sell more product more often, increase sales of featured products bottom-line revenue

sales rep outcomes: 

  • access high-quality bite-sized product sales content (statistics, value propositions, products-in-action clips, brochures and ordering information)
  • recommend product solutions based on solving key customer problems
  • learn about related products with similar applications, materials
  • send featured product information to customers

product features: 

  • responsive brand, product and solution pillar content pages
  • related product recommendations based on attribute assignment and matching
  • business-focused product content management system with global capabilities
  • product and brand-level PDF document hosting

lessons learned: 

  • it's better to invalidate risky ideas with user tests early before building anything
  • focus on improving low- to mid-level performing user behavior before turning focus on high performers
  • it's worth it to spend extra time and effort curating bite-sized/right-sized content