Website v2.0

Revamped website for Online Loans

The goal of this project was to migrate away from WordPress and onto a platform that was more content-team friendly. I spent a good deal of time gathering the requirements that the new platform needed to meet, especially from an SEO perspective, since that was the primary strategy for growth. We decided to move to Webflow and I spearheaded the effort.

I did the actual development of the site by matching the design of the old site with some tweaks provided by our design lead. The data migration involved me exporting all the content from WordPress, importing it into Airtable, parsing it out using formulas in order to separate content from headers, and uploading it all into Webflow. Now we have a much better looking and faster website with clean code that is more future-proof and is much easier for the content team to work on.

Project Tags

cms, development, webflow