Marketing Technology Provider – Competitive Landscape – India

Here is a document I created for a potential client, to map out the competitive landscape for Marketing Technology Providers in India and Explore Opportunities For Product Innovation.  

This document analyses the marketing technology providers competitive landscape in India primarily between 4 companies - Netcore, Vizury, CleverTap and WebEngage. The source of information for this exercise has been publically available information about the companies on their own websites and across other websites/forums(Capterra).

Parameters used to analyse

Value Proposition

The value proposition is what the current promise the companies make, to their current and prospective clients.


The origins have been analysed to understand the individual strengths that each of the company has accumulated and brought along to go after their current value proposition.

Costumer Segment Focus

The customer focus has been analysed to understand their priorities across various features.

Self Serve Focus

The self-serve focus has been analysed to understand the focus on the market segment - Enterprises Vs SMEs. Apart from that self-serve focus also indicates intent to automate the workflows and make it intuitive to use there by driving adoption via customer using the product on their own rather than relying on internal delivery/operations team.

AI/ML/Data Science Focus

This has been analysed to understand the approach that the company is taking to personalization and making the campaigns more relevant to the end user. Access to new data sets(big and small) combined with application of Machine Learning to detect patterns and make decisions with confidence around users behaviors amongst other factors.

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