government buyback: reverse mortgage loan workflow

users: final loan package review specialists

problem: curating 50+ time-sensitive regulatory PDFs for ~100 loans/person to submit to the government is a time-consuming, mundane & error-prone process, and the existing tools made prioritizing work a guessing game

goal: increase loan package accuracy and speed to submission, leading to less crossover loss due to MCA%

specialist outcomes: 

  • know exactly which required elements of which loans need their attention first

  • view and verify existing documents available to "work" for new loan assignments

  • avoid reworking the same documents once they're marked valid

  • track and manage time-sensitive dates along with follow-up dates for external document curation dependencies

product features: 

  • loan package exception-level prioritization queue

  • pdf preview & match to required document types

  • government package criteria validation & expiration date tracking

lesson learned: 

  • it can be difficult to shift user mindset away from what they're used to, even in an effort to streamline their day-to-day activities

Project Tags

government, mortgage, workflow