Crash Article in Agile Development

A primer for Agile Development. 

Enter Agile Development…

Main Definition — Agile involves iterative devleopment in the product cycle including planning, designing, building, testing, reviewing.

Main Roles — Everyone in the team is invovled within the product(engineers, designers, product managers, business development)

Agile Principles

  1. Working software is delivered frequently (weeks no months)
  2. Simplicity is building only what is really essential, no fluff

Agile Team

  1. Product Owner — Represents end customer. Defines what is valuable and prioritizes the backlog.
  2. Scrum Master — facilitates team meetings, removes team impediments, liaises with product owner to ensure the team remains on track.
  3. Delivery Team — people in charge of execution or that are part of the project’s team(i.e., developer, tester)

Some Tools to Use

Burn Down Chart — Chart showing remaining work to be done, progress overtime, and the team’s velocity

Agile Board — A visual board to track work and progress in a logical flow (from left to right)

Key Concepts

User Stories — As a … <user>… I want…<what>…so that…<why>

Key things to focus on are story points, acceptance criteria, should be independent, negotiable, valuable, estimate, sized approiately

Story Points — Relative unit of measure to access whether a user story is big or small. An example is unit of size for a t-shirt(s,m,l,xl)

Product Backlog — Ordered list of everything to be done for the product

Sprint Backlog — Backlog for the sprint

MVP — minimum viable product(bare minimum for the client) which includes all the must-haves and excludes all the nice-haves (no bells or whistles)

Rituals of the Agile

  1. Sprint Planning — Team defines user stories. Main team members involved include scrum master and delivery team.
  2. Daily Standups — 15min daily meeting to discuss what they did, what they are doing, and any problems they have.
  3. Sprint Review — Team presents what they delivered over a sprint to the product owner.
  4. Retrospectives — Meetings done after sprints to review and revise.

There you have it. Your crash article in Agile Development. I hope you find it useful especially if you are new to Agile.

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