Blog Post – GDPR 101 for Product Managers — What you need to know

GDPR is one of the most comprehensive privacy regulation enacted to date. There is a lot of discussion about it, lot of information/misinformation being floated around. What is it? Why does it matter? Does it apply to your product? Product Managers have all these questions and more around GDRP. I could not find any easy to get started guide to the world of GDPR so basis my research, this documents outlines some of the points that I think are relevant to Product Managers of Digital Products in India. The goal of the document is not to act as a legal counsel for the matters of GDPR — please reach out to a certified legal professional for the same. Having said that, the goal of the document is to help Product Managers of Digital Products understand the main components of GDPR and prepare to make the necessary changes to the products that they are managing.


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