B2B retailer knowledgebase & user credentials portal

users: enterprise retail vendors

user problem: large enterprise retailer = disconnected information, processes and tools. it requires a lot of tribal knowledge to find useful tools and troubleshoot issues to do business well. disjointed backend systems require vendor users to retain multiple accounts and to log-in multiple times to access tools they need daily.

additional business problem: the legacy application access provisioning tool is clunky at best, causing users to share account credentials and refrain from updating contacts. also, the tool is built using flash technology that may go out of browser support imminently.


  • effectively combine user account credentials into a 1:1 setup vs. of 1:many - driving business change to get other application teams to update their authentication and functionality to suit

  • decrease support tickets regarding authentication and access issues

enterprise retail vendor outcomes: 

  • add, update and remove retail partner contacts, including self account management

  • easily access information and tools I need with one required log-in

  • understand how to troubleshoot issues on my own + more easily locate the human I need to talk to about my problem